You can’t sell water, without making the crowd thirsty

Fikirevim Advertising Agency is the main body of FKR Group. The agency, is in the business over 10 years, succeeded in many projects, and active in many sectors and serving companies from real estate developing to media. Fikirevim is a constantly growing full service advertising agency and in first 30 in our country.

Even though advertising seems very complex business, in its core it’s very simple: get it sold!All right, how sold could be advertised? This is the question! And answer is only known by our clients.

We rather write successful stories than theory...

When you come to our agency, in our first meeting, you think that we know the best solution for your product, or let’s admit we do not know. That’s the beauty of our work anyways!

Because, every product and every brand has its own solution. It has a special question and a special answer. We first find the right question about the product, and start searching for the right answer. Because the dress that we tailor should fit on you directly, not loose or tight. We aim to dress you the best in front of your target. We would not try to tailor different dresses with the same template and we would not try to force you to fit into a certain template.

That’s what makes Fikirevim, Fikirevim! We do not talk about theories on the table, we rather focus on the success at the end of the year. And we do know that every success story is shaped according to its hero, that is you.